TOBIA - Made in Italy

About TOBIA & the Art of Imperfection


TOBIA = anagram of the word A B I T O (Italian word for suit)

TOBIA is an Italian menswear brand devoted to made-to-measure custom suits and custom shirts entirely crafted in Italy by highly skilled tailors and seamstresses.

TOBIA proudly extends a coveted sartorial experience directly to clients. Its custom garments are the product of talented Italian artisans, fatto a mano, and therefore subject to a beautiful form of imperfection. This shade of imperfection is more of a distinction, a charm, and a quiet stitch of evidence that there was a careful, expert hand responsible for bringing your style aspirations to life.

TOBIA blends the luxury of the made-to-measure experience, with the finest fabrics that are spun, woven and meticulously refined entirely in Italy.

With this unmatched made-to-measure process, TOBIA offers a first hand Italian sarto experience in New York City through its Personal Clothiers. This method moves even beyond personal delivery of made-to-measure garments. Clients are guided through an exclusive library of TOBIA fabric choices, buttons, finishing, and detailed design elements like peak lapels, pick stitching, abundant shirt collars, and colorful suit lining.

Visit the TOBIA Glossary for an in-depth illustration of just some of these seemingly infinite design options. TOBIA inspires, crafts, and educates.

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