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Black-tie Gets Personal

The season is nearly upon us and with it your chance to get personal with your tuxedo. Even if it is THE attire of choice, it doesn’t mean that your choice has to be run of the mill. There is no better opportunity to take your style to the next level than with the precise fit and unparalleled quality of a custom tuxedo.

As to the particulars of the garment, TOBIA suggests midnight blue, very dark. This color choice guarantees an elegant ensemble that is always in style yet just a splash different than the standard black. Consider a collar with peak satin lapels and a one-button jacket with a fine stitching on the borders and opening of the sleeves. What other options are there for a man to distinguish himself in a tuxedo, yet maintain perfect elegance? Hand-sewn buttonholes on the jacket. They complete the suit, never age in the closet and will continue to give you grand satisfaction throughout the years.

The Perfect Shirt

Strictly white. There is no other option.  Though you can choose a pleated, finely pin-striped or plain front placket according to your taste, the overriding color must be white.  And to set it all off and use those heirloom cufflinks you have, you’ll want a french cuffed shirt with open buttonholes for your coordinating tuxedo studs. It isn’t necessary that they come from the same set but the overall look should be cohesive.

The last important detail to consider on the shirt is a double collar that is guaranteed to set you apart. It not only hides the string of the bow tie but it also keeps it comfortably in place all night long so you can focus on enjoying the party.

Attention to Accessories

It sounds easy enough but there are a few errors here to avoid. We prefer the cummerbund together with the bow tie, both obviously black and obviously silk. The bow tie should never have a manufactured knot. Learn how to tie one the old-fashioned way. It’s just like tying a regular bow and makes a rich, notable difference in the ensemble. The cummerbund should always have the folds facing upward. Remember, they were originally used to hold theater tickets.

The only choice for the shoes is patent leather. They can be either lace-ups or loafers with a silk bow — if you have the courage to wear them.

Wear It Well & With Confidence

Last but equally important to consider are both the proper fit and the proper occasion. As to the fit, the sleeves of the jacket should never be too long. Make sure the shirt cuffs point out one inch to give just the right contrast between the bright white & deep blue of the tuxedo. The jacket should be form-fitting but not too tight with a delineated waist and a lapel that lays down smoothly on the chest.

As to the proper occasion, a modicum of attention must be paid. Even if American norms have enlarged the possibilities for donning a tuxedo to include weddings, the tuxedo is traditionally festive attire and should be worn only at night. In Europe and especially in Italy, a wedding is considered a serious religious ceremony and not a party which requires a dark suit, not a tuxedo. To wear one to the wedding could be considered offensive. As an alternative, you can consider a morning coat for formal daytime occasions.

If you follow our well-laid out guidelines, you are sure to have an elegant black-tie ensemble in which to cut your dashing figure and one that will carry you through many more event seasons to come.

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