TOBIA - Made in Italy

Introducing the King of Cashmere

TOBIA spent months searching the far-flung corners of Italy to bring back a cashmere fit for a king.   We are now proud to roll out the red carpet for our luxurious 3-ply cardigan and button-neck sweaters. Using the finest cashmere from Cariaggi, TOBIA individually crafts each sweater on a handloom following centuries of tradition.  This permits the creation of single and unique pieces according to your wishes.

The sweaters are available in a wide variety of colors and can even be customized to accommodate special lengths, widths and other requests.  If you prefer your sweater to zip instead of button or if you’d like to your cardigan with or without pockets, we are pleased to loom it according to your preferences.  Once you touch the blanket soft 3-ply cashmere, the most difficult part will be choosing your favorite color from the 10 we offer and the endless style possibilities.

Schedule a private fitting or call your Personal Clothier today.  You’ll want to have one of TOBIA’s sweaters on hand when the leaves start to fall.


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